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Drone Workforce Solutions


$150,000 Business Loan/Line of Credit

Daubert Shertzer & Fields Equity LLC

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$750,000 Real Estate Fix & Flip Line of Credit


real estate funding

$409,000 Rental Portfolio Acquisition

Tandem Real Estate Holdings, LLC

real estate financing

$115,000 RE Venture Debt Note

Jefferey Foti Ent.

real estate financing

$150,000 Structured Financing

Amen Brown Real Estate

Hard money real estate financing

$50,000 Private Investment Loan

$GUAP Coin

crypto currency investing, guap coin

$2,000,000 - Venture Debt

George & Son's Seafood Restaurant

Small business funding

$85,000 Small Business Financing

Pocket Aces LLC

Real estate & business funding

$130,000 Business Line of Credit